Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas in the world! I’m grateful for my wonderful Mother on this beautiful Sunday! …

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Blossoming Sunsets


I’m back stateside now after my travels to Sweden and Denmark. Now, I’ve technically visited all of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden and Denmark! The adventure will continue for life. If all goes well, I hope to be on another grand indulgence of wanderlust in a few months. I’d love to go back to these countries to see what’s beyond the city silhouettes………

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The Enchanted Forest


How fresh everything is after a rainfall! The scent of flowers, earth and leaves all blended together created such a sweet mêlée in the royal gardens of Copenhagen.

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Pink in Denmark


I made my first two piece dress in preparation for my trip to Denmark! I have spent the past two days wandering around this lovely city……

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Reflections Leading to Gratitude


As I’m about to close up my adventures here on the East Coast, my tablet and 250 papers of cardstock are beginning a small little thank-you marathon. By all conventional definitions, the trajectory which I’ve carved over these past few years has been “self-made” but what does that mean anyway? No one goes through life autonomously, on their own, without receiving gifts of kindness from people…………

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Weekend Reading!


Over the years, I found myself amassing collections of interesting articles and good reads over the week and never knowing how to organize them all to send off to friends, so I figured that I’d just start sharing them hear on a weekly basis here on the blog so that they’d be embedded on the worldwide internet (so old school) for eternity!……..

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One Million Faces


Lately, I’ve bought a new batch of watercolor wildflower patterns and my room looks like a floralbomb garden when I let the fabrics openly bloom on my floors. This was the first top that I ever made. As an homage to my Asian heritage, I’ve been buying up piles of Asian prints and am thinking about how to weave them into everyday contemporary wear……

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Beige Blooms


Before I start posting up all my spring and summer designs and outfits, I wanted to share one of the first pieces that I ever designed, a sweater dress made of a cashmere woven cotton and wool sleeves…

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Princess Furball


A modern creative take on the childhood fable, Princess Furball…

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Entrenched in Spring


Welcome to the new Heels & Soul, a story of zest for life. Dive into the experience!

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