Slow Sunsets

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The last few sweet days of summer are closing in on us. The days have gone by far too quickly in the past few years! Watercolor sunsets on rooftops, moving in and out of apartments in all corners of the world, checking in at another destination, saying temporary and permanent goodbyes at the gates and an endless amount of tight hugs and promises to meet again have been a part of the unfolding narrative.

As a child, time passes by an a snail’s pace. I still remember playing on grassy lawns and sandy beaches thinking that time was so stagnant and never ceasing. The sun never seemed to set too early and there were far too many hours in a day for play. Perhaps our definition of time has retreated into a different color as we age and live within structures dependent on time: schedules, routines, appointments, work days. Technology, a revolutionary time saver and a huge procrastination enabler provides us a warped concept of time. Most of us spend hours attached to our personal devices that we sometimes own many of: tablets, phones and laptops. The last time I went on vacation without my laptop was when I was in Norway, up in the mountain region of Soleggen. Living with my friend B., who I had met just a few days earlier, we enjoyed such quiet solace and late night conversations. Armed with a guitar, nectarines, plenty of bacon and a small collection oversized sweaters, we lived some of my best days in Europe breathing in some of the freshest mountain air and drinking in glacial water and panorama views from the peaks. When I lost my iPhone last October, I enjoyed the spontaneity of just bumping into people in places and not having to be tied to responding to messages and emails at all hours of the day and night. It was liberating. Dinners are now a cue for the classic phone retreat where the written text overshadows the spoken word. When you arrive at a party but don’t know many people in attendance, your glowing phone screen is a crutch.

We live in a world of instant gratification, instant messaging, instant ramen… a society that wants instant change and improvement without the effort. Let’s slow down. It’s time for some prolonged reflection. Curate a life that is well lived instead of a pretty Instagrammable story that lets us buy into ideas of consumerism and unattainable perfection. Breathe.

Now how do I do this as someone whose blog is dedicated to fashion? The industry is one where what you see is oftentimes not what is. It is a manufactured artistry that we love to gloss over in magazines and click through on sites. I’ll be keeping it 100% real. A difficulty I had writing Heels & Soul was trying to find the line between personal meets professional. I’ve always used blogging as an outlet for my mind but I wanted to experiment with writing content to err on the strictly beautiful things side, but each post feels inauthentic and superficial which is why I’m returning back to my narrative roots again.

I’ll be collaborating with my talented illustrator friend Grace Zhang to pepper this blog with personal stories and meaningful reflections in addition to a splash of passion for fashion. We’ll be bringing you the feels.


Cherry Wine


Vancouver’s summertime is alluring and instead of having to leave my beautiful city during the peak of its beauty, all my dear ones have flown right into the heart of our west coast gem….

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Industrial Blue and White


I just came back from a weekend getaway in Kelowna. From childhood till now, the Okanagan Valley has remained one of my favourite summer spots. Nothing exudes as much wholesome goodness and summer vibes as much as this part of British Columbia….

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How Have Eurocentric Beauty Standards Affected You?


Photographer Calvin Reedy has put out several exhibitions that use art and photography as a medium for investigating deeper social qualms and the cracks in society’s foundations. When asked to participate in his exhibition on Eurocentric beauty standards and how women of diversity respond to these ideals, I was more than happy to be a part of his project….

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A Band Of Color


I’ve been spending most of the summer enjoying the sun. This will be the first year that I have nothing imminently scheduled for September, so I’m taking each day as it comes…..

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Dresses & Sneakers


As our daily clothing choices are evolving, so is what is in vogue on the runway. It is not uncommon to see women in activewear everywhere on the streets: at the coffee shop, in line at the theaters or on a night out with a few girlfriends….

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Le Jardin de Mademoiselle Michelle


Before I left New York, D. and I headed out to a small nook of Brooklyn, a block from where we were staying….

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Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to you and yours! My Dad has always been the unsung hero behind the scenes, even though he isn’t shy when you meet him in person. He’s actually one of the most charismatic people I know. It is hard to dislike my Father because he makes it so easy to like him with his light-hearted humor, his funny jests and his easygoing aura. I’ve inherited his temper, reason, logic, and empathy. However, my most favorite part about my Dad is his cheerful resilience….

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Hibiscus Hues


It’s been awhile. Since my last post, I graduated from university and I’m currently embarking upon an east coast road trip that is ending this Saturday when I return home to Vancouver for the summer. We started with a few stormy days at the lovely island…..

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas in the world! I’m grateful for my wonderful Mother on this beautiful Sunday! …

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