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reddkny-dress-michellepham-heelsandsoul-16reddkny-dress-michellepham-heelsandsoul-12♫ ♬ CHERRY – AMY WINEHOUSE ♫ ♬

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As our daily clothing choices are evolving, so is what is in vogue on the runway. It is not uncommon to see women in activewear everywhere on the streets: at the coffee shop, in line at the theaters or on a night out with a few girlfriends. Although I’ve never been the idyllic sweatpants lady that Drake makes reference to, I can appreciate the intent behind the rise of activewear: comfort. Unsurprisingly, spring and summer runway trends have not been above the influence and I’m excited to see that more comfortable, wearable and breathable materials are on the market. As much as I love the eternal elegance of silks and chiffons, sometimes you just want a dress that won’t wrinkle within ten minutes of sitting down at a restaurant. It can be a hassle to dry clean dresses after each use and some materials are much more delicate than others. Not all fabrics are made equal!

  Neoprene, scuba textiles and mesh are in! The everyday woman is versatile, busy and she juggles a lot of different roles. I’ve picked up a few scuba textile dresses this year and not only are they fun, they’re also extremely unique and easy to wear. Zip up the front zipper and you’re out of the house. I recently picked up this cutout mesh dress from DKNY, from their Spring ’15 runway show. Paired with casual sneakers on the runway, it was a laid back acknowledgement to a new form of emerging elegance. I have always been a heels girl (standing at 5’2 gives you little choice), but in recent years the topic of comfort in what I’m wearing has been at the forefront of my fashion choices. I now wear Birkenstocks, platform shoes and comfortable sneakers on a daily basis. Every woman knows the delightful feeling of euphoria one gets when kicking off a pair of heels after a long evening. Therefore, I’m glad that DKNY‘s runway show this year spoke to the idea of pairing classic, timeless beauty with ease of movement. The collection is designed to encourage an active participation in life while still looking sophisticated and refined. In other words, I am totally a fan!

   I hope you are all having an excellent week. Over here in Canada, we just finished celebrating Canada Day and I wish all my American friends a delightful 4th of July weekend. Get some well-deserved rest!

Le Jardin de Mademoiselle Michelle


Before I left New York, D. and I headed out to a small nook of Brooklyn, a block from where we were staying….

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Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to you and yours! My Dad has always been the unsung hero behind the scenes, even though he isn’t shy when you meet him in person. He’s actually one of the most charismatic people I know. It is hard to dislike my Father because he makes it so easy to like him with his light-hearted humor, his funny jests and his easygoing aura. I’ve inherited his temper, reason, logic, and empathy. However, my most favorite part about my Dad is his cheerful resilience….

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Hibiscus Hues


It’s been awhile. Since my last post, I graduated from university and I’m currently embarking upon an east coast road trip that is ending this Saturday when I return home to Vancouver for the summer. We started with a few stormy days at the lovely island…..

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas in the world! I’m grateful for my wonderful Mother on this beautiful Sunday! …

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Blossoming Sunsets


I’m back stateside now after my travels to Sweden and Denmark. Now, I’ve technically visited all of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden and Denmark! The adventure will continue for life. If all goes well, I hope to be on another grand indulgence of wanderlust in a few months. I’d love to go back to these countries to see what’s beyond the city silhouettes………

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The Enchanted Forest


How fresh everything is after a rainfall! The scent of flowers, earth and leaves all blended together created such a sweet mêlée in the royal gardens of Copenhagen.

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Pink in Denmark


I made my first two piece dress in preparation for my trip to Denmark! I have spent the past two days wandering around this lovely city……

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Reflections Leading to Gratitude


As I’m about to close up my adventures here on the East Coast, my tablet and 250 papers of cardstock are beginning a small little thank-you marathon. By all conventional definitions, the trajectory which I’ve carved over these past few years has been “self-made” but what does that mean anyway? No one goes through life autonomously, on their own, without receiving gifts of kindness from people…………

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Weekend Reading!


Over the years, I found myself amassing collections of interesting articles and good reads over the week and never knowing how to organize them all to send off to friends, so I figured that I’d just start sharing them hear on a weekly basis here on the blog so that they’d be embedded on the worldwide internet (so old school) for eternity!……..

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